Superbly detailed images with all the advantages of a full-frame sensor.

Professional features for in-camera as well as post-shooting image enhancement and correction.

Super-fast processing, extended tonal gradation, and outstanding color reproduction.

Canon’s definitive solution for dealing with dust.

The world’s first1 DSLR that can shoot full High Definition and Standard Definition movies.

Rapid-fire, continuous shooting of 21.1-megapixel images at bursts of up to 310 shots2.

Compose and focus via the large, bright LCD monitor. Now with a Face Detection Live autofocus feature.

Tack-sharp images of even fast moving and dimly lit subjects in different lighting environments.

What you see is virtually what you get with the high-performance viewfinder with approximately 98% coverage.

Tough magnesium-alloy chassis and long-life shutter deliver smooth, reliable performance.

Bright, crystal clear VGA monitor assures optimal visibility even outdoors in bright sunlight.

Intelligent, human-friendly EOS design means great handling and easy operation.

Over 50 superb Canon EF lenses from ultra wide-angle to super telephoto, including intelligent IS (Image Stabilizer) lenses.

Timesaving EOS software streamlines post-production and other operations for photos and movies.

EOS system options expand shooting capabilities and creative possibilities.


1 As of September 17, 2008
2 Shooting information: JPEG Large/Fine, ISO 100, UDMA memory card, Canon’s testing standards
3 Except EF-S lenses